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To attain 100% completion in The Lost and Damned, the player must accomplish all of the following:


Completing The Lost And Damned to 100% gives players the ability to buy an unlimited amount of ammunition, although it still costs the same as before. NOTE: When purchasing, e.g. "Infinite" Rounds of Ammunition for a Pistol, saving, then re-loading that profile, will result in the Numerical Value of Ammunition being lowered to the standard for that particular Weapon. Thus, every time you buy "Infinite" ammunition for a weapon, save, then re-load, you won't have that "Infinite" ammunition from before.

Tasks not required

There are Tasks that are not required for 100%, which are the following:

  • Complete the random encounter of Brian (only if spared in Bad Standing).
  • 50 Gang Wars (to get all weapons as reward which you can unlock to your safehouse).
  • Saving all 14 Special and rare vehicles (You can also use GTA IV savehouse parks).
  • Mark all locations which you can enter on your map.
  • Purchasing all of the MP3, SFX and Themes
  • Get the ringtone St. Thomas by giving the busker $10 three times.
  • Add ZiT! as a phone contact
  • Collect all The Lost and Damned Achievement/Trophies.
  • Build each gang member’s toughness to 100%
  • Watch all television programs
  • Use a car wash
  • Purchase all weapons
  • Visit all websites
  • Hold up all the stores in Liberty City
  • Beat the high score in the QUB3D arcade game
  • Receive a prostitute's services
  • Ride in the subway
  • Eat at all restaurants
  • Explore all of Liberty City
  • Visit all destinations in the Liberty City Subway
  • Fly a helicopter under all 14 major bridges
  • Complete all 5 helitours
  • Bring Jim to every friendship activity
  • Unlock all safehouses
  • Win a game of Hi-Lo