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To attain 100% completion in The Ballad of Gay Tony, the player must accomplish all of the following:


Completing The Ballad of Gay Tony to 100% gives players the ability to buy an unlimited amount of ammunition for all weapons, although it still costs the same as before. NOTE: When purchasing, e.g."Infinite" Rounds of Ammunition for a Pistol, saving, then re-loading that profile, will result in the Numerical Value of Ammunition being lowered to the standard for that particular Weapon. Thus, every time the player buys "infinite" ammunition for a weapon, save, then re-load, they won't have that "infinite" ammunition from before.

Non-Required Tasks[]

There are tasks that are not required for 100%, but the player can still complete:

  • Saving all 14 Special rare vehicles (the player can also use GTA IV and TLAD safehouse parks).
  • 50 Drug Wars (to get as reward all weapons which the player can unlock at their safehouse).
  • Mark all locations which the player can enter on their map.
  • Purchase all MP3, SFX and themes from
  • Add ZiT as a phone contact.
  • Collect all TBoGT achievements/trophies.
  • Score 100% on all missions.
  • Watch all television programs.
  • Use a car wash.
  • Purchase all weapons.
  • Visit all websites.
  • Hold up all of the stores in Liberty City.
  • Beat the high score in the QUB3D arcade game.
  • Dance perfectly in both Maisonette 9 and Hercules.
  • Freefall for the longest time possible.
  • Complete a Booty Call.
  • Receive a prostitutes service.
  • Ride in the subway.
  • Eat at all restaurants.
  • Explore all of Liberty City.
  • Visit all destinations in the Liberty City Subway.
  • Fly a helicopter under all 14 major bridges.
  • Complete all 5 helitours.