Getting 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories requires numerous tasks to complete. Below is a list over everything needing to be done in order to reach the achievement. Getting 100% gives the rewards infinite ammo and the ability to watch most of the storyline cutscenes on the TV inside The Clymenus Suite. The PlayStation 2 version of the game has some more side missions to complete as opposed to the PSP version.


  • Protection Racket: Ultimate Badass
  • Loan Shark: Crim Reaper
  • Prostitution: Mack Daddy
  • Drugs: Smack Daddy
  • Smuggling: Pirate Captain
  • Robbery: Heist Meister
  • Complete all 5 races on the mainland.
  • Complete all 4 races on the east island.
  • Complete all time trials.
  • Complete all 8 courses for Watersports.
  • Complete all 12 courses for the Sanchez Time Trials.
  • Complete all 8 courses for BMX Time Trials.
  • Complete all 4 courses for Quad Time Trials.
  • Complete all vehicle side missions.


When 100% is achieved in GTA Vice City Stories, the following rewards are given:

Bugs & Glitches

  • A bug in the game exists and the player needs to complete only 99.6% to get the achievement. 100% can be reached without the completion of Skywolf, which is unlocked after the final story mission.
  • The player must build a high roller Drugs site before the completion of "Hostile Takeover", otherwise the game will not award the player the percentage boost for unlocking the Drugs business type.



GTA Vice City Stories - 100% Completion Guide

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