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You achieved 100%! You can now watch movies at the the Clymenus Suite!
— Message when achieving 100% completion.

Getting 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories requires numerous tasks to complete. Below is a list over everything needing to be done in order to reach the achievement. The PlayStation 2 version of the game has some more side missions to complete as opposed to the PSP version.



When 100% is achieved in GTA Vice City Stories, the following rewards are given:

  • Infinite ammunition for all weapons.
  • The ability to watch most of the storyline cutscenes at The Clymenus Suite.
  • All multiplayer content unlocked (PSP Only).

Non-Required Tasks[]

  • Receive the good citizen.
  • Having "Godfather" Criminal Rating.
  • Having "Stuff of Legends" Media Attention Level.
  • Having "Perfect Quadruple Insane Stunt bonus" stunt ranking.
  • Having a sum of $99,999,999.


  • A bug in the game exists and the player needs to complete only 99.6% to get the achievement. 100% can be reached without the completion of Skywolf, which is unlocked after the final story mission.



GTA Vice City Stories - 100% Completion Guide


  • The player must build a high roller Drugs site before the completion of "Hostile Takeover", otherwise the game will not award the player the percentage boost for unlocking the Drugs business type.
  • If the players manage to make their way onto the first island before completing the mission "From Zero to Hero", they should refrain from taking over any of the businesses. Completing this mission is the main trigger that allows Drugs, Smuggling and Robbery businesses to be built. Thus, if the players take over all the businesses before completing this mission, they will be unable to create said businesses and be locked out of achieving 100% completion as a result. A drug business will be automatically given to the player upon completing "Hostile Takeover", but, as the previous note says, the game won't award the percentage boost for unlocking it, unless another one has been already built between "From Zero to Hero" and "Hostile Takeover".