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To achieve 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto 2, Claude Speed must complete the following tasks in every district. As with the original Grand Theft Auto, there is no special reward for achieving total completion.

Downtown District[]

Residential District[]

Industrial District[]

Non-Required Tasks[]

  • Complete the unlockable Bonus Stages.
  • Collect every power-up at least once.
  • Visit every car shop at least once.
  • Answer every blue information phone (one for each of the three gangs in a district, so nine in total).
  • Bring at least one of every eligible vehicle to the crushers.
  • Find a way to have maximum respect from all gangs at the same time.
  • Collect all 11 bonuses at least once:
Bonus: Description:
Accuracy Bonus Hit a pedestrian 25 times in a row. The counter will reset if the player hits a wall or nothing, but it will stay the same if they hit a car or get wasted/busted.
Back To Front Bonus Drive backwards for one minute with a wanted level of at least 4.
Car Jacka Steal a high number of cars.
Cop Killa Destroy 20 Cop Cars.
Elvis Has Left The Building Kill a row of six Elvis impersonators in a short time. Similar to the Gouranga bonus in the original GTA.
Expeditious Execution Kill 20 pedestrians in a very short time limit.
Genocide Kill 1000 pedestrians.
Grand Theft Auto Steal at least one car of every (non-emergency) type that normally drives around in the district.
Insane Stunt Bonus Make a large jump with a vehicle.
Medical Emergency Destroy a Cop Car, Medicar and Firetruck in a short time.
Wipe Out Destroy at least one car of every (non-emergency) type that normally drives around in the district.