"This building has seen better days - the closest thing to a doorman is a homeless guy you sometimes have to step over to get into the lobby at night - but how else are you going to find a Vinewood apartment in your price range? Hope you like the smell of urine. Includes 6-car garage.."

0604 Las Lagunas Boulevard is a safehouse located on Las Lagunas Boulevard in Vinewood, Los Santos featured in GTA Online.

It is available for purchase through for $126,000 and includes a 6-car garage.


  • The proximity of this apartment to the Pacific Standard Bank means that it is often purchased by players to assist in an alternate method in completing The Pacific Standard Job. By storing an armoured car in the apartment's garage, players can travel to Raton Canyon with a loss of very little money (this method no longer works as of 1/27/17). In addition, the Apartment sits directly adjacent to the location of the Lectros, meaning that all that the players need to do to get there is simply survive the journey down the hill to the bikes, then hop over the wall and into the apartment.
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