"With more sights, shows, restaurants, bars, museums, shopping and borderline psychopaths than you can shake a shotgun at, there is no place quite like Liberty City. Where else can you get sworn at by a senior citizen, accosted by a crackhead, propositioned by a prostitute, and strip-searched by a police officer, all before breakfast? Discover the history, culture and diversity that make a booming metropolis the capital of the world, at least according to the over-caffeinated locals. We encourage you to explore Liberty City's four boroughs and its islands, each with its own distinct atmosphere and personality. There is always something for everyone. There is also Liberty City's sister, Alderney State, if you care... Right pointing double angle quotation mark"

GTA IV Guidebook

Либерти Цити - измишљени град на основу стварног Њујорку. Да ли је главно место у Grand Theft Auto IV и Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.