Pißwasser (BAWSAQ: PIS) (иногда искаженный в игре как "Pisswasser"; правильное произношение на самом деле "Pissvasser") — вымышленный немецкий экспортный бренд пива, часто рекламируется на радио и телевидении в Grand Theft Auto IV и Grand Theft Auto V.

Слоган и девиз

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"You Are In For A Good Time" 1 января 2008 используется Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA Chinatown Wars & Grand Theft Auto V
"Cheap German Lager For Export Only"

Рекламные песни

Pisswasser Radio Ad


Last night, I think I shit the bed
Got so drunk, I gave a dude head
Life is just a merciful blur
When you pop a Pißwasser
Pißwasser; don't drink it slow
3 a.m., buy some blow
Sleep in the bathroom on the floor
What really matters anymore?
All the crap you do, all day
Who fucking cares anyway?!
Pißwasser; this is beer
Drive drunk off a pier
Pißwasser; drink all day
It helps your troubles go away, yeah yeah
PIßWASSER: Cheap German lager for export only


You work your nuts off everyday
A proud American all the way
Life is just a merciful blur
When you pop a Pißwasser
Pißwasser, this is beer
Drive drunk off a pier
I love drinkin' all day long
I beat my girlfriend as I sing this song
PIßWASSER: Cheap German lager for export only


Wake up the morning, drop a big ol' log
Out here, you ain't time for nothing fruity like a jog
Marry a fat bitch, and die workin' like a dog!
Cowboys in the heartland, bankers in the city
We love cars, guns and big ol' plastic titties!
Lets grab a case of Pißwasser and, drink for the U.S.A!
Hey neighbors I'm sorry, we're partyin' real butch
Ya oughta speak English if you like it here so much!
Not Spanish, or Chinese, or British, or fucking Dutch! Fuck the Dutch!
I said yeah, we're gonna keep them illegals out!
Guns and Pißwasser!
Yeah, that's what the party's all about!
Getting real drunk, puking face down
Billying and bobbin' while every kids in town!
Drinking Pißwasser, fighting, and getting real shitfaced tonight! Yeah!
I'm a patriotic American, that's my national right!
PIßWASSER: German fighting lager for export only

Интересные факты  

Если правильно расшифровать слово "Pisswasser" то можно услышать слова как "Piss" и "wasser" или "water" что переводится как "моча"


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