The Triads Think They Can Mess With Me,.With Me?!Let's Teach This Tough Guys What It Means To Be A Tough Guy!...'Yes,Ma...Sorry,Ma...

-Toni CIpriani.

The Capo OF The Leone Family,He is Not Mechanic,But He Can Get Things Fixed,bot repairing them...

in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories he is the protagonist so he is present in every mission.

in gta 3 he gives you missions.

Taking Out The Laundry (when you destroy the triad's laundry vans)

The Pick-Up (it's a trap)

Salvatore's Called A Meeting (go to salvatore)

Triads And Tribulations (kill 3 triad warlords)

Blow Fish (blow up the triad's factory)

he is not present in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

He is not mechanic,but he can get things fixed

-Joey Leone


  • He calls him in a mission Toni Kipriani,that's a easter egg

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Taking Out THe Laundry                     The Pick-Up                    Salvatore's Called A Meeting

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