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GTA IV era famous quotes?16:29, July 27, 2020BolbiiS
Trying to decide between one of two San Andreas mods00:32, April 16, 2020BearfootTruck
GTA V Vehicle Names08:30, March 16, 2019Kiwismurf
What engine uses GTA Chinatown Wars?17:25, March 11, 2019TAlim 1994
Can I write what he says?17:11, March 11, 2019TAlim 1994
Anyone need a tester for glitches and exploits on the original Xbox?15:39, December 17, 2018Jackalsprite
Is Cris Formage the god of the GTA universe?23:30, November 19, 2018Puffoco
What is the fastest plane in the game currently18:40, September 29, 2018Philman716
CEO Associates Needed07:51, September 1, 2018Monstrosity1200
GTA V Something Sensible quotes22:19, February 25, 2018Kiwismurf
GTA V Vehicle Top Speeds19:15, February 5, 2018Monkeypolice188
Gang or just NPCs11:02, February 2, 2018Billybilo420
Can I make a page for the pedestrians in gta 3?18:23, December 24, 2017Bart Mick
Who got Killed in GTA Vice City Introduction19:07, November 29, 2017Kintobor
Modded accounts?20:09, November 21, 2017Kiwismurf
NRG-500 available from the beginning03:08, November 5, 2017GTAVCSA
Was Niko Bellic a draftee or a voluntary soldier?03:22, November 4, 2017Bart Mick
The Helicopter Sniping Trick06:04, June 14, 2017Ricky Reynaldi
Dream car?23:23, May 7, 2017DylanheBuilder
Rockstar Memes19:52, April 9, 2017Ultimate94ninja
Why FIB Swat Changed Appearance?01:52, March 28, 2017Rocketbunny12roblox1234
Buying everything in GTA Online?16:43, January 1, 2017Monkeypolice188
Jimmy De Santa spinoff01:12, November 21, 2016GokaiWhite
What cars do you want to see in a DLC?22:19, November 15, 2016Commander Keryev
Insurance stock13:50, October 22, 2016KingMyth13
Adrenaline Junkie Achievement12:55, September 25, 2016LS11sVaultBoy
Get Rich Quick Betting Trick06:09, September 24, 2016NormalReader97
How you count top speed of a vehicle and count height in GTA:SA?20:31, August 23, 2016Ultimate94ninja
6 to 3 Wanted Star Glitch?10:47, August 16, 2016Monkeypolice188
GTA Online for Nerds21:59, July 5, 2016Darkgreenmeme
GTA V- What if the "true" 100% completion was achieved??23:18, June 30, 2016WhoeverReadThis
Why are Broughy1322's speed tests inaccurate?19:11, June 29, 2016Monkeypolice188
Theories08:41, June 21, 2016LS11sVaultBoy
Need Help For GTA Heist18:36, May 18, 2016IMFGamer911
Distract cops gta online pc20:49, May 17, 2016Andy9124
Suggestion for Character Reform00:57, May 1, 2016SuperbowserX
GTA V History10:41, April 19, 2016RainingPain17
Pleasure Island14:53, April 14, 2016MonkeyBot188
GTA Z - Fan Video22:33, March 25, 2016LS11sVaultBoy
There should be a female protagonist in the next GTA00:30, March 16, 2016Camilo Flores
If the GTA V story DLC didn't feature the old trio, who would you like to see as protagonist?22:45, January 20, 2016LS11sVaultBoy
Can anyone recommend a cheat keyboard for gta San Andreas on android?22:01, December 4, 2015KryptoniteGrenade
Rare movie-referencing switch scene with Trevor?10:44, November 5, 2015Joe Musashi
Dinghy06:13, July 31, 2015Beejork
Divine Dragon Crews22:59, July 20, 2015LookitszTral
Luxor Deluxe and Swift Deluxe13:48, June 25, 2015Mcdude man
Shortcut to peaceful tour of entire city?21:09, June 22, 2015Abe Reles
GTA 5 Crashes Sometimes14:17, June 16, 2015WildBrick142
GTA Online Armored Clothing21:13, June 4, 2015Smurfynz
GTA V; free property?04:17, June 1, 2015Smurfynz
GTAV SP; Stock Market Walkthrough?06:20, May 19, 2015Smurfynz
I have a problem with GTA 504:13, May 10, 2015Leon Davis
Radio Station Host Quotes?12:33, April 8, 2015LazarouDave
Hi WikiWorld! I would like to know the best answer to my my queestion. Is there a real life version of the Police Predator? Thank you for your help.02:17, March 27, 2015Smurfynz
Tin foil hat theory: Claude from GTA III is the unknown son of Tommy Vercetti13:46, March 24, 2015Prah
Need help with races in gta online05:29, February 13, 2015Jalle97
What happens to your rps if you leave a crew?16:06, January 31, 2015Tom Stubbs III
Phonecalls After Death17:06, January 18, 2015Musiclover1966
After Last Requests...17:46, January 3, 2015Platybus
GTA V Freeway Traffic on par with Russia.11:04, December 29, 2014RainingPain17
What would you like to be added to GTA 5 in an update?11:02, November 27, 2014AndreEagle17
Filename for the US flag12:44, November 11, 2014RainingPain17
GTA 4 Mutiplayer Clans/Gangs04:28, July 25, 2014Antomir
Cars and Guns (helpful Info for Editors)05:38, July 19, 2014PYROxSYCO
GTA IV for Mac?17:41, June 29, 2014Pileofdoodoo
Bringing back the Imponte Dukes01:12, April 28, 2014Trippypoop
GTA IV survey12:56, April 17, 2014Sway-Sway
Gta online clothes16:39, April 16, 2014Slade-Wilson
Is the Los Santos Conference Center in GTA V?09:44, February 23, 2014DocVinewood
Freefall mission on GTA: SA 10th anniversary edition21:05, February 22, 2014Thomas0802
Vigilante missions21:16, February 9, 2014Zachattack62196
Help me please :)20:19, February 8, 2014558050
How to get the Tornado?10:42, January 15, 2014The Tom
Anyone have this problem?21:28, January 6, 2014Trexcon
One thing I've noticed...(Graphics)23:44, January 3, 2014Robando Tierro Robada
Favorite heist?08:35, December 26, 2013Mr saint 67
Would you help with finding the sexiest woman in LS?20:24, November 26, 2013Cold Hotman
GTA V Overall View21:41, October 23, 2013Carl Johnson Jr.
Buzzard Attack Chopper in Online missions16:09, October 16, 2013Basssee
GTA V DLC?16:10, October 13, 2013Carl Johnson Jr.
Help me i dont understand it16:51, October 10, 2013Wagnike2
Rufus from Red Dead in GTA V?16:46, October 10, 2013Sido33
GTA 5 should have..14:39, October 10, 2013Wagnike2
Fun & Roleplay23:30, October 9, 2013Wagnike2
Bigfoot in the gamefiles?19:51, October 8, 2013Wagnike2
Binco Clothing is a Discount Store?18:08, October 4, 2013Clee1989
GTA V: 2 different rhinos?18:46, October 3, 2013Camilo Flores
New to the forums, first question!01:19, October 3, 2013JyleKohnston
GTA V: The $100 option.20:59, September 27, 2013Mr.Biotic
Schafter 2nd Generation?15:53, September 27, 2013The Tom
Female characters in GTA IV Online are lesbians?00:07, September 27, 2013AgentAle47
F*ck yes.15:21, September 19, 2013Raziel Reaper
Aztecas GTA V01:16, September 17, 2013Tek9Blaster
Will scuba diving be in GTA 5 online?16:14, September 3, 2013LS11sVaultBoy
GTA Online Special Edition Doesn't Make Sense16:22, August 29, 2013Abeardedgoat
Grand Theft Auto V - Golden Joystick Awards12:21, August 29, 2013LS11sVaultBoy
Are all islands open at the start of TLOD?20:53, August 28, 2013Budokaiblast
What is the worst GTA Clone17:17, August 26, 2013Clee1989
What Cars Are In Your Parking Spaces?16:35, August 23, 2013Battle Wolf
What if GTA SA missions were more logical?12:27, August 19, 2013Noob32
Car modifying & car's behavior on the road14:40, August 6, 2013Youandagif
GTA Protagonists aren't viewed as terrorists?12:08, July 4, 2013Dodo8
San Andreas Rare Vehicles07:13, April 7, 2013Syren345
Claude's Fortune00:31, April 2, 2013Tony 1998
What is this GTA V car?21:59, March 28, 2013JBanton
Easter Eggs17:59, March 28, 2013Steve Greg
More Ammunition Glitch20:40, March 27, 2013TomorrowWeDie
My own GTA idea22:02, March 16, 2013Steve Greg
How To Get To Liberty City in GTA San Andreas...20:20, February 17, 2013Zhou Ming
Gta san andreas and vice city20:09, February 17, 2013Zhou Ming
Story of Niko04:52, January 30, 2013Bombcat97
Anyone notice this?21:03, January 29, 2013Bombcat97
About flight hours in Vice City23:26, December 8, 2012Matyazzz
Protest Police power in Gta 4. The time is now14:25, October 19, 2012MPD12
San Andreas is a square00:23, October 16, 2012Ben Again
The search for the Ratman.01:34, July 23, 2012InvestigatorThree
Community Bus Routes in GTA IV01:55, July 16, 2012Dblcut3
What happend to Donald Love00:36, July 12, 2012Gagefontana
Should Rockstar remove sexual content in the next GTA?18:47, July 11, 2012Gbarker2000
Empire Building Glitch18:41, July 11, 2012Gbarker2000
Why arnt the vehicle pictures from the psp version of chinatown wars?00:30, March 23, 2012Russelnorthrop
Anyone play san andreas?13:12, March 9, 2012Dei82ty
Why i love GTA11:47, January 28, 2012The Tom
Let's request a Cockpit driving view for GTA V16:42, January 17, 2012The Tom
Theres no way that san andreas and GTA 4 is in a different "canon"04:17, November 18, 2011Adam Ellhar Holmberg
Caption competition21:44, November 5, 2011Jordanqp
Why do R* have New York, London, Paris, Bogota on their site?17:16, October 25, 2011Kacj321
There's a place in San Andreas...02:29, October 11, 2011Rok198
The Storyline for the 2nd DLC!01:18, September 26, 2011McJeff
Gta 4 transmission manipulation?15:29, September 4, 2011L.pascal
GTA 5: Add more planes07:20, August 13, 2011Zulu2065
Silly Locations08:39, July 12, 2011Russelnorthrop
Gta san andreas08:36, July 12, 2011Russelnorthrop
MY GTA 5 WISHLIST12:12, July 4, 2011HarveyH92
Huang Lee23:49, June 20, 2011Squadronfire4552
GTA5 Protagonist ideas18:45, May 26, 2011Levi Lauson
GTA IV Annihilators19:47, April 28, 2011Owen1983
Starting a gang need members reply if u want to joinmt gt is HARRYks 15 on xbox13:03, April 18, 2011The Tom
Liberty City, It's Over16:16, March 22, 2011Jamessamolis
Question about sniper rifle locations in GTA 400:06, January 6, 2011Ialonso
GTA 4 Hookers21:18, January 2, 2011Trial1421
Favorite cars of their class?20:07, December 27, 2010Paddy 36
What Do you hate the most about Grand Theft Auto IV12:15, December 26, 2010Paddy 36
New Protaganist of GTA V (5)13:48, December 14, 2010Kapiton22
Eflc hud15:43, December 13, 2010Zwaailicht
Two more DLCs00:40, December 13, 2010NT92
Vehicle Modifications for GTA SA19:13, November 4, 2010Videogamer13
GTA 5 Main Character & City?15:04, October 31, 2010Fatman361
Grand Theft Wiki PS3 Team11:09, October 26, 2010Biggest gta fan ever
Getting the Minigun11:09, October 26, 2010Biggest gta fan ever
GTA11:07, October 26, 2010Biggest gta fan ever
Are there any Christmas easter eggs in any GTA game?11:05, October 26, 2010Biggest gta fan ever
Super awesome 6 Star Wanted fight... help, please?12:01, October 13, 2010Extremofire
What is the Best Kill in GTA IV you have ever done!!!11:52, October 13, 2010Extremofire
Let's think of some CREATIVE settings for GTA V20:59, October 9, 2010NT92
Never Stop Running06:25, October 3, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Money Borrowing05:04, September 27, 2010Videogamer13
Did Rockstar intend a San Andreas prequel?23:37, September 21, 2010A-Dust
Protaganists post-game22:58, September 21, 2010A-Dust
Vice City Kaufman Cab Mission: Need Help!!!01:15, September 21, 2010A-Dust
Why is the no Episodes From Liberty City Page?23:37, September 20, 2010A-Dust
Eugene Reaper in BOGT?23:11, September 20, 2010A-Dust
GTA 5 wishlist boats & trains10:59, September 20, 2010AtomicLlama
What did R* have planned for the State of Liberty when first conceiving GTA IV?10:49, September 20, 2010AtomicLlama
Plane in GTA IV10:40, September 20, 2010AtomicLlama
Vehicles in GTA Episodes from LIberty City03:15, September 20, 2010Homerjs
Wierd occurences in Tierra Robada01:03, September 19, 2010A-Dust
If I had GTA IV for the PC, I wold definitely do this...10:18, September 17, 2010Homerjs
GTA 5 wishlist bikes07:24, September 17, 2010Homerjs
Which GTA IV finale did you prefer?06:37, September 15, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
If you kill a store cashier, are you still able to shop there if you come back later?17:36, September 14, 2010Spaceeinstein
GTA 5 wishlist helicopters03:23, September 14, 2010Homerjs
Gtaunited's List of GTA 5 wishlist Vehicles15:10, September 13, 2010Soyos
Gta iv + episodes continuity16:32, September 10, 2010Softcoreprawn
I need help with gta vice city storie modifacations23:55, September 9, 2010A-Dust
GTA III Era Alderney23:09, September 9, 2010A-Dust
Could you see a remade Vice City, via the RAGE engine?18:52, September 9, 2010A-Dust
Machinimas00:24, September 9, 2010A-Dust
GTA Chinatown Wars is non-canon.08:29, September 7, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Freinds in GTA IV08:24, September 7, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Questions08:54, September 3, 2010Gta-mysteries
Which weapon in GTA IV is your favorite?17:35, August 24, 2010MetalFanx2000
The next game.......04:28, August 15, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Why is rockstar so quiet about grand theft auto13:31, August 10, 2010Fett12
Whatever happened to carl jhonsen?16:12, August 5, 2010GTAddict
Weapons They Should Put In Next Grand Theft Auto03:14, August 2, 2010Gtaunited
Fighter07:54, July 30, 2010Spaceeinstein
New DLC For GTA IV07:40, July 29, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
What should they call the next gta if it was set in london07:27, July 29, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Is Mike Toreno - U.L Paper situation07:06, July 29, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Why don't you get Jimmy Pegorino's house?07:04, July 25, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Does ANYONE know what happened to GTA: World?????07:53, July 24, 2010Masterpogihaha
What happened to Bulgarin?06:36, July 22, 2010Gta-mysteries
Why Vice city is best for Next GTA game(statement)08:16, July 7, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
GTA:V Hint for location?08:05, July 7, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
Addiction level removed from 360 versions?09:51, July 2, 2010D16x
Police Patrol22:31, July 1, 2010Anon-27
BEST GTA 5 IDEAS EVER02:34, June 25, 2010Latinosamurai
Ultimate Radio01:51, May 31, 2010Masterpogihaha
Gta Vice City Chronicles (the new weapons of vice city)01:37, May 27, 2010Rod266
Can't progress11:56, May 23, 2010SUPERSTARZZ
The slamvan23:58, May 20, 2010Fairnick68
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City (PC)23:33, May 20, 2010Varekai4me
Packie in multiplayer12:55, May 14, 2010MD NIRVASH
Vehicle prices after Stevie's jobs?17:10, May 12, 2010Zadidoll
GTA Vice City 2010 or 2011 Vice City Topics!23:06, May 6, 2010Rod266
The many unanswered questions of GTA III05:23, April 17, 2010The Hole
Best death03:34, April 17, 2010Zacky143
Fun stuff to do in Bogt or gta 400:40, April 10, 2010Skeezo 101
Advanced Helicopter Techniques?03:43, April 7, 2010Extremofire
LCTRU PS3 Clan03:16, April 2, 2010Gameboybp
Prisoners19:11, March 25, 2010Orto Dogge
GTA 4 Fire Dept18:29, March 24, 2010Shippo5665
GTA 4 Pictures02:09, March 23, 2010Shippo5665
All gta games same era23:13, March 17, 2010A-Dust
Questions regarding GTA IV's story01:13, March 17, 2010A-1
Grand theft auto 4 : vice city23:56, March 16, 2010Nikoandpackie360
Vice City FM Michael Jackson18:05, March 16, 2010Mr. JSlickety
Lost and the Damned03:51, March 16, 2010Nikoandpackie360
Getting to Bayside Marina03:08, March 13, 2010Northendboston
Schottler and Beechwood City are NOT in Dukes19:12, March 9, 2010ZS
FBI Washington22:38, March 2, 2010Gta-mysteries
GTA 5 in Toronto. Thoughts?17:06, February 28, 2010RJ9443
GTA games 'til GTA 515:29, February 28, 2010Dumbnigga94
More GTA5 ideas00:10, February 28, 2010HarveyH92
A Serious Wish List - Our Experience04:41, February 25, 2010Delo19xcrowbarx
PSP wish lists02:02, February 25, 2010A-Dust
GTA Quiz V214:16, February 24, 2010Dumbnigga94
GTA5 ideas Part 101:49, February 23, 2010Whagwan
Mr McReary screenshot05:38, February 22, 2010Bombtom
GTA Quiz12:22, February 21, 2010Ilham945
Anyone know how to drift on the ps3 (i mean the real driftin in the videos)21:13, February 7, 2010Capt decimo
Favorite bike14:52, February 7, 2010KFrosty
GTA ideas Part 317:06, February 4, 2010HarveyH92
GTA ideas Part 216:38, February 4, 2010HarveyH92
The Tough Topic of the Week09:03, January 31, 2010Peter13
What happened to Bill?14:52, January 16, 2010Dominic-079
Why is their a cable car on the front cover of IV?01:49, January 13, 2010Gerry Spring
GTA V Main Character- Little Jacob anyone?15:09, January 10, 2010GTAddict
WTC Modification05:59, January 9, 2010Gboyers
New Fanmade Trailer01:37, January 2, 2010HarveyH92
The next game in the series..23:46, December 31, 2009HarveyH92
Chinatown Wars for iPhone11:24, December 31, 2009Biggest gta fan ever
If I have EFLC, but not the original IV, can i play multiplayer with others that have IV?02:57, December 31, 2009Kareljanis
Custom Playlists16:14, December 29, 2009HarveyH92
GTA V era Liberty City...18:06, December 22, 2009HarveyH92
Has anyone else noticed this???06:05, December 20, 2009GTA all day
Who is the coolest GTA protagonist?16:03, December 17, 2009HarveyH92
Future of the GTA series01:37, December 17, 2009Spaceeinstein
GTA V era San Andreas20:54, December 16, 2009HarveyH92
Gay Tony's voice06:34, December 10, 2009Wildbeemer
Vladimer Glebov17:20, December 8, 2009HarveyH92
WikiGTA.nl15:26, December 5, 2009Chip2008
Needs addition to Vice City Easter eggs05:36, November 28, 2009Peter13
Sex scenes ballad of gay tony question and some answers12:51, November 6, 2009ZS
Does anyone notice this?04:30, November 3, 2009Dr. Frohman
Police Stinger16:57, November 1, 2009Amazingguy
Glock .22 pistol tips19:12, October 18, 2009Broeman
Oceanic the ballad of gay tony16:30, October 15, 2009Spaceeinstein
What happened to Vic Vance?09:33, October 13, 2009GTA FAN
Please help... found new glitch!23:48, October 10, 2009Salteroi
Secret island in GTA San Andreas?19:52, September 22, 2009Thescarydude
PSP exclusives19:41, September 20, 2009Fdanthegtafan
Minigun03:38, September 13, 2009Skorpychan
Question23:46, September 10, 2009Thescarydude
GTA: BoGT pics02:00, September 2, 2009TommygunAl
GTA waste03:01, August 29, 2009Skorpychan
San Andreas on Vista10:09, August 28, 2009C-d-rom
Making a GTA Quiz08:46, August 19, 2009Peter13
Invisible Solid Mass Glitch16:25, August 18, 2009Hardrock182
Falling Glitch16:22, August 18, 2009Hardrock182
How to get a cop in your car02:14, August 17, 2009Spaceeinstein
A possibility in a future GTA05:01, August 16, 2009Fett12
Could eCola own Sprunk?19:56, August 12, 2009Thescarydude
Wouldn't Capitol City make a good GTA 520:21, August 8, 2009Peter13
Next GTA game Protagonist: Cop?00:14, August 8, 2009Roman bellic
Does Claude's outfit being an unlockable outfit in GTAIV confirm Claude's death?22:13, August 7, 2009Grand Theft AJ
Eras and crossovers and similar characters!20:11, August 4, 2009FabianJGarza
Whats the easiest way to install ingame trainer 1.9.0 on gta 4?19:55, August 4, 2009Spaceeinstein
Mike Toreno19:18, July 30, 2009WooZieMoo
Getting Alex back21:55, July 28, 2009JustPhil
Mysterious building between Las Payasadas and Valle Ocultado11:50, July 28, 2009C-d-rom
GTA Myths23:20, July 23, 2009C-d-rom
Teleport23:40, July 22, 2009Hardrock182
Get out of jail help00:38, July 22, 2009Spaceeinstein
Unkown Island in GTA IV06:08, July 14, 2009GeneralGoose
Giorgio Forelli: Dead or Alive?03:56, July 7, 200986Vercetti
Vinewood glitch21:17, June 28, 2009Drew powell
Can we put GTA fanfics on this forum?21:30, June 26, 2009Gboyers
HELP! Entering cheats in GTA2 does not work!23:51, June 23, 2009Carl "CJ" Johnson
Who's the guy ranting?16:22, June 23, 2009Thescarydude
What really happened to CJ?12:16, June 20, 2009Fett12
Annihilator Locations19:21, June 18, 2009Spaceeinstein
Mikhail Faustin23:08, June 16, 2009PackieVercetti
Most durable vehicle in GTA San Andreas?16:27, June 9, 2009Masterpogihaha
Connections18:24, June 6, 2009PackieVercetti
Upstate? (Liberty City Stories)05:16, May 31, 2009Fett12
Clothes in gta IV13:28, May 26, 2009Coop804
Mafiya Work mission02:06, May 23, 2009TommygunAl
Did anyone else run out of things to talk about with friends?10:38, May 19, 2009Biggest gta fan ever
L.F. Lopez10:37, May 19, 2009Biggest gta fan ever
"Marked Man"04:26, May 12, 2009TommygunAl
Sniny Swirly Things in GTA:Chinatown Wars22:28, May 7, 2009TommygunAl
Help on the mission ran fa li in gta san andreas ps221:06, May 7, 2009Roman bellic
Does anyone know about the secret mission Tanked Up?19:48, April 26, 2009Spaceeinstein
I am thinking of having a contest20:12, April 16, 2009Brettdude13
Grand Theft Auto: Harbour City09:30, April 14, 2009Biggest gta fan ever
GTA Vice City Modern Day Basis02:49, April 8, 2009Roman bellic
Saving in GTA107:28, March 28, 2009TheSwede
Some cars aren't shiny in GTASA20:21, March 11, 2009Thescarydude
Claude's Similarities04:52, February 20, 2009Roman bellic
Glitch in Liberty City Stories09:30, February 6, 2009Aqua Jet
Be a Policeman21:46, February 1, 200988FanNASCAR
List of things that could get you wanted21:53, January 21, 2009Brettdude13
Red Clam Bar? (GTA1)00:00, December 21, 2008Hardrock182
Radio Transmitter11:18, November 6, 2008Biggest gta fan ever
San Andreas Girlfriends01:21, October 15, 2008RaZoRKillEr
GTA for Intellivision00:29, September 26, 2008Jimmyselleck
Screenshots05:34, August 18, 2008Biggest gta fan ever
Territory Glitch for SA work on PC?21:52, August 16, 2008Richardg
Gangs12:27, July 21, 2008Parra-Power
GTA Canons?17:41, July 18, 2008MoNK
Badlands 4 Star Wanted Level03:06, June 2, 2008Eganio
Fake review?20:44, April 8, 2008Gboyers
Help on mission where you have to kill freddy.15:39, December 29, 2007Gboyers
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