Hold Up es una canción interpretada por Marion Band$ en colaboración con Nipsey Hussle. La canción puede ser escuchada a través de la estación Radio Los Santos.


[Marion Band$]
Everyday I think lucrative
It always got to be progress
If it ain't about that money then it ain't a part of my process
Meeting with the bosses over lobster tails
Strategizing our next move
Conclusion is prevail
Bitches that hold yo shit up, bitches that fuck yo shit up
She call and she wanna lick up
But I'm busy hittin this liquor
Bitch I'm chasing money
You dont deserve a description
It take some sacrifices
To get in this position
When my well was dry, I was still making my wishes
I was riding around, I was risking it
But if I didn't do it I wouldn't get this shit
Up late nights I'm an owl too
There's a few things that I value
Money, trust, respect, loyalty and my crew
Politicking with my niggas about this money bitch hold up
I had to drop my bitch, cause I don't need no hold ups
Walk right in VIP, we don't do no hold ups
Get too close, I got some killers with me that'll tell you
Hold up, hold up
(tell ya)
Hold up, hold up
(tell ya)
Hold up, hold up
You say you want this money then nigga what's the hold up?
If you really 'bout this paper, then what's the (Hold up?)
[Nipsey Hu$$le]
Nip Hussle the Great back
Came up, you can't hate that
Self made you can't take that
Yeah, self made you can't make that
Some say I need a record deal, I need a cosign, I need a Dre track
But all the time I had a mean flow, I had a cold grind and that's a great match
(Hold Up)
Payback, fuck hoes and I make racks
And my pockets gon' stay fat
Cause I merk beats and I slay tracks
(Hold Up)
Payback, wrist rocky like A$AP
Stay strapped like I'm Arab
And in a world of lies I still state facts
Lame-ass, hatin' niggas take flame baths
All you really doin' when you running your mouth is telling me where to aim at
Duck nigga, fuck-bitches and fuck-niggas
If you ain't talkin bread then I don't fuck with you
[Marion Band$]
Fifteen, Uh
I'm going all in it no matter the outcome
They told me I had it and now I am relapsing
And how could you "X" me out? I am not Malcolm
And how could you doubt me you heard my first album
And who had the nerve to think I was done with
I left the game graciously for you to run with
Like that of a blueprint, go on and front then
Time that you had, and this what you come with?
Hold up
If you want it to work out, exercise it nigga
And if you want to see it, visualize it
That was me that we been discussing
And it was the thought, they thought I was bluffing
I know that they waiting to see what I come with
I told you my best and I feel my toughness
Hold up
Nevertheless I'm who they fuck with
I'm the go-to guy you niggas go too shy
No Kanyes or Commons
I'm coming
And don't ask me who I like in the game right now, I'll say no comments
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